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[欧美摇滚] Imperial Age《4CD》2012-2020/FLAC/BD









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Imperial Age是一支来自莫斯科的交响金属乐队,由歌手/作曲家Alexander“ Aor” Osipov和Jane“ Corn” Odintsova于2012年成立。他们是来自俄罗斯的第二大国际旅行金属乐队。和该国最著名的交响金属乐。帝国时代曾与Therion和Arkona的音乐家合作过多次,这些音乐家都出现在帝国时代的所有专辑中。乐队由交响金属先驱Christofer Johnsson引起国际关注,在对他们的现场表演和2014年Therion的歌曲《 To Mega Therion》的翻唱印象深刻之后,他提出通过其唱片公司Adulruna Records发行音乐。


2012年11月20日,乐队发行了首张全长专辑Turn The Sun Off !,并与许多知名的俄罗斯音乐家(Arkona,Epidemia,Stigmatic Chorus,Guillotine的恶魔等)合作录制,并获得了国际评论家的好评。最初,Aor是主唱,而Jane则演奏键盘并做伴奏。

2013年,他们以头条新闻在俄罗斯巡回演出,并为埃皮卡(Epica), 失乐园(Paradise Lost),Finntroll 和Oomph提供支持!。


同年,乐队继续巡演国内,无论是作为头条新闻和支持行为的塔里Turunen的,69眼,胶木 和THERION。事实证明后者是他们职业生涯的转折点。当帝国时代在圣彼得堡Therion的前面演奏时,Christofer Johnsson在整个场景中都坐在幕后,聆听。他印象深刻,以至于他邀请俄罗斯人通过自己的唱片公司Adulruna Records发行他们的专辑,并与Therion一起进行欧洲巡回演出。从那以后,音乐家一直是好朋友。

他们的EP战士比赛于2016年1月1日在欧洲通过Adulruna发行。唱片包括3首新歌,Therion翻唱(克里斯托弗称他曾听过“最好的Therion翻唱”)和第一张专辑的5首歌曲重新录制了新的主唱-亚历山德拉·西多罗娃(Alexandra Sidorova)。随后在2016年1月-2016年2月进行了欧洲巡演,在13个国家进行了21场音乐会,以支持Therion。

巡回演出后,亚历山德拉(Alexandra)因个人原因离开了乐队,并由安娜(Anna“ Kiara” Moiseeva)取代。之后,在2016年11月进行了第二次欧洲巡回演出,在11个国家/地区举行了18场音乐会,这是对《孤儿之地》的支持。在巡回演唱会结束时,帝国时代在欧洲成功举办了第一场头条新闻秀-英国曼彻斯特。和萨拉戈萨(ES)

他们的第二张全长专辑《亚特兰蒂斯的遗产》于2018年2月1日发行。这张专辑是一部金属歌剧,各种角色讲述着一个神秘的故事来自亚特兰蒂斯的魔术师,他在中世纪的意大利重生。简(Jane)离开键盘完全专注于唱歌,托马斯·维克斯特伦(ThomasVikström)演唱了格雷戈里枢机主教的角色。低音和节奏吉他由Therion贝斯手Nalle Pahlsson录制,独奏吉他由Christian Vidal录制。唱片是由Arkona的Sergei Lazar混音和掌握的。歌剧的特色是由塔拉斯·雅森科夫(Taras Yasenkov)指挥的莫斯科柴可夫斯基莫斯科国家静室合唱团。


六月,乐队与日本唱片公司Rubicon Music签订了在日本发行三张专辑的合同。

在2019年1月至3月,乐队进行了大规模的欧洲巡回演出,并于2019年12月发行了有关“亚特兰蒂斯遗产”歌曲的视频,该视频由他们的粉丝100%资助,并在开始的头4个月中获得了近100万的观看次数,在2019年11月和12月发行的音乐录像带中,有70%由诸如Nuclear Blast,Napalm Records等巨人发布。

2020年4月25日,IMPERIAL AGE在锁定的莫斯科播出了长达180分钟的在线音乐会,并取得了突破性的成功,有14,000人在YouTube上观看,在Facebook上有24,000观看。乐队的全球观众正在观看包括南极洲在内的所有7大洲的现场音乐会。

Imperial Age is a symphonic metal band from Moscow, founded in 2012 by singers/composers Alexander "Aor" Osipov and Jane "Corn" Odintsova. They are the second most-internationally touring metal band from Russia. and the country's most known symphonic metal act. Imperial Age has collaborated on multiple occasions with musicians from Therion and Arkona who are featured on all Imperial Age albums. The band was brought to international attention by symphonic metal pioneer Christofer Johnsson, who, after being impressed with their live performance and their cover of Therion's song To Mega Therion in 2014, offered to distribute their music through his label Adulruna Records.

The name of the band has nothing to do with modern states and refers to Atlantis and Hyperborea, from which the musicians drive their inspiration.The lyrics deal with Magic (supernatural) and the occult, mainly Hermeticism, Hermetic Qabalah, Runic magic, paganism, bon and the legacy of Ancient civilisations such as Ancient Egypt, Sumer and Mesoamerican civilisations.

On 20 November 2012 the band released their debut full-length album Turn The Sun Off!, recorded with many known Russian musicians (Arkona, Epidemia, Stigmatic Chorus, Demons of Guillotine etc.) and received many positive reviews from critics internationally.Initially Aor was the lead singer while Jane played keyboards and did the backing vocals.

In 2013 they toured in Russia as headliners as well as support acts for Epica,Paradise Lost,Finntroll and Oomph! .

In 2014 Alexander and Jane embarked on a monthly expedition to Tibet where they filmed a music video for the song Aryavarta at Lake Manasarovar, Mount Everest and Mount Kailash - at altitudes up to 6000 metres above sea level.

Same year, the band continued domestic touring, both as headliners and support act for Tarja Turunen, The 69 Eyes,Tristania and Therion.The latter turned out to be the turning point in their careers. While Imperial Age were playing in front of Therion in St. Petersburg, Christofer Johnsson was siting behind the scenes during the whole set, listening. He was so impressed that he offered the Russians to release their albums through his label Adulruna Records and join Therion on a big European tour. The musicians have been good friends ever since.

Their EP Warrior Race was released in Europe via Adulruna on 1 January 2016. The record included 3 new songs, a Therion cover (which Christofer called "the best Therion cover" he had ever heard) and 5 songs from the first album re-recorded with a new lead singer - Alexandra Sidorova.A European tour of 21 concerts in 13 countries as support for Therion followed in January - February 2016.

After the tour Alexandra left the band for personal reasons an was replaced with Anna "Kiara" Moiseeva. After that, a second European tour of 18 concerts in 11 countries followed in November 2016 - this time as support for Orphaned Land. At the end of the tour Imperial Age successfully played their first headliner shows in Europe - in Manchester (UK).and Zaragoza (ES)

Their second full-length album titled The Legacy of Atlantis was released on 1 February 2018.The album is a metal opera with various characters telling an occult story about a magician from Atlantis who is reborn in medieval Italy. Jane has left the keyboards to fully concentrate on singing, and the role of Cardinal Gregory was sung by Thomas Vikström. Bass and rhythm guitars were recorded by Therion bassist Nalle Pahlsson, solo guitar - by Christian Vidal. The record was mixed and mastered by Sergei Lazar of Arkona. The opera features the P.I. Tchaikovsky Moscow State Concervatory Chamber Choir conducted by Taras Yasenkov.

From January to April 2018 they embarked on their longest tour which included 59 concerts in 26 EU and non-EU countries - this time, as mid-act with Therion . The tour was also the biggest tour in Therion's career.The first edition of The Legacy of Atlantis didn't reach distribution in time because not enough copies were printed and they were completely sold out on tour.

In June the band signed contract with Japanese label Rubicon Music for three releases in Japan. In January-March 2019 the band had a big European headliner tour and in December 2019 released the video on “The Legacy of Atlantis” song, which was 100% funded by their fans and reached almost 1 million views in its first 4 months and beat 70% of music videos released in November & December 2019 by such giants as Nuclear Blast, Napalm Records, etc.

On April, 25th 2020 IMPERIAL AGE streamed a 180-minute online concert from locked-down Moscow and achieved ground-breaking success with 14,000 people watching on YouTube and 24,000 views on Facebook. The band's global audience was streaming the live concert from all 7 continents, including Antarctica.

2012 - Imperial Age - Turn The Sun Off!
2016 - Imperial Age - Warrior Race [EP]
2018 - Imperial Age - The Legacy Of Atlantis
2020 - Imperial Age - Live in Wroclaw


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