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[欧美摇滚] 7 Year Bitch《3CD》1992-1996/FLAC/BD









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7 Year Bitch 是美国朋克摇滚的乐队。乐队活跃于1990年至1997年,并在那段时间发行了三张专辑。乐队的原始吉他手Stefanie Sargent于1992年死于海洛因。

7 Year Bitch由歌手Selene Vigil,吉他手Stefanie Sargent,贝斯手Elizabeth Davis和鼓手Valerie Agnew于1990年成立。当Vigil,Sargent和Agnew的贝斯手前往欧洲时,他们一直在西雅图乐队Barbie的Dream Car中一起演奏。随后,根据朋友本·伦敦(Ben London)的建议,同西雅图乐队Alcohol Funnycar的建议一起,他们招募了戴维斯(Davis),并在电影《七年之痒》之后改名了乐队。

在他们的第一场音乐会上,乐队为The Gits开场,后者将对其音乐产生重大影响。1991年,乐队发行了单曲“ Lorna”,并与C / Z Records签约。他们的第一张专辑Sick'Em于1992年发行,但在萨金特因海洛因于6月27日去世后,黯然失色。经过一段时期的痛苦和不确定之后,乐队决定继续,并于当年晚些时候聘请吉他手Roisin Dunne作为Sargent的接班人。

1993年7月,Gits的女招待和乐队Mia Zapata的朋友在深夜回家时被强奸和谋杀。这一事件,加上前一年萨金特的去世,对该团体产生了深远的影响。作为回应,乐队录制并发行了第二张专辑《 Viva Zapata!(1994年),以向他们两个逝世的朋友致敬。在这段时间里,瓦莱丽·阿格纽(Valerie Agnew)也成为反暴力和自卫组织Home Alive的主要组织者和联合创始人之一。 1994年4月8日,乐队在迈阿密海滩的客串剧院为摇滚反对家庭暴力演出了一场慈善表演。

1995年,乐队与Atlantic Records签约,并于1996年发行了第三张专辑Gato Negro。在支持Gato Negro的巡回演出之后,吉他手Roisin Dunne离开了,并由乐队的现场音响工程师和长期朋友Lisa Faye Beatty取代。
1997年初,乐队开始录制他们的第四张专辑的资料。乐队从西雅图搬到加利福尼亚,伊丽莎白·戴维斯和瓦莱丽·阿格纽搬到旧金山,塞莱娜·维吉尔搬到洛杉矶。随着他们的吉他手Roisin Dunne的离职以及乐队成员之间的地理隔离,7 Year Bitch的职业生涯在与旧金山的Lost Goat进行了最后的巡回演出后告一段落。

乐队解散后,贝斯手伊丽莎白·戴维斯(Elizabeth Davis)加入了旧金山乐队Clone,直到2003年与她合作演出。2005年,她帮助成立了冯·伊娃(Von Iva)乐队。歌手Selene Vigil 于2000年以Cistine的名字组建了哥特式 / 迷幻乐队。后来,她于2010年发行了个人专辑《The Was Then》。RoisinDunne 于2006年加入了乐队The Last Goodbye。

7 Year Bitch was an American punk rock band from Seattle, Washington. The band was active between 1990 and 1997 and released three albums over that time. Stefanie Sargent, the band's original guitarist, died of heroin-related misadventure in 1992.
7 Year Bitch was formed in 1990 by vocalist Selene Vigil, guitarist Stefanie Sargent, bassist Elizabeth Davis and drummer Valerie Agnew. Vigil, Sargent, and Agnew had been playing together in the Seattle band Barbie's Dream Car when their bassist left for Europe. They subsequently recruited Davis and renamed their band after the movie The Seven Year Itch, based on a suggestion by their friend, Ben London, of fellow Seattle band, Alcohol Funnycar.

At their first concert, the band opened for The Gits, who would prove to have a significant influence on their music. In 1991 the band released the single "Lorna" and signed with C/Z Records. Their first album, Sick 'Em, was released in 1992, but it was overshadowed by Sargent's death on June 27,[1] through passing out on her back after returning home from a party where she had drunk alcohol and taken a small amount of heroin.[2] Following a period grieving and uncertainty, the band decided to continue, recruiting guitarist Roisin Dunne as Sargent's replacement later that year.

In July 1993, Gits' frontwoman and longtime friend of the band Mia Zapata was raped and murdered while walking home late at night.[3] This event, coupled with Sargent's death the previous year, had a profound effect on the group. As a reaction, the band recorded and released their second album ¡Viva Zapata! (1994) in tribute to both of their fallen friends.[4] During this time, Valerie Agnew also became one of the primary organizers and co-founders of the anti-violence and self-defence organisation Home Alive.[5][6][7] On April 8, 1994, the band played a benefit show for Rock Against Domestic Violence at the Cameo Theatre on Miami Beach, alongside Babes in Toyland and Jack Off Jill.[8]

In 1995, the band signed with Atlantic Records, and in 1996 released their third album, Gato Negro.[9] Following the tour supporting Gato Negro, guitarist Roisin Dunne left, and was replaced by Lisa Faye Beatty, the band's live sound engineer and long-time friend.

In early 1997, the band began recording material for what was to be their fourth album. The band moved from Seattle to California, Elizabeth Davis and Valerie Agnew to San Francisco and Selene Vigil to Los Angeles. With the recent departure of their guitarist, Roisin Dunne and the geographical separation between bandmates, Seven Year Bitch's career came to a close after a final tour with San Francisco's Lost Goat.

Following the break-up of 7 Year Bitch, bassist Elizabeth Davis joined the San Francisco-based band Clone, with whom she performed until 2003. In 2005 she helped to form the band Von Iva.[10] Vocalist Selene Vigil formed a gothic/psychedelic-influenced band by the name of Cistine, in 2000. She later released the solo album That Was Then in 2010. Roisin Dunne joined the band The Last Goodbye in 2006.

1992 - Sick 'Em
1994 - ¡Viva Zapata!
1996 - Gato Negro
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